What to do in a Covid-19 situation

By Deborah Aronu


Stuttgart "Fieberambulanz" (in Neckarpark (Youth Hostel, Elwertstrasse 2) as a point of contact for symptoms typical of corona (e.g. fever, cough, loss of smell and taste). You can only present yourself there with a referral from a doctor. Appointments can only be made online via
the following link 

Corona test center (drive-through) at Cannstatter Wasen (Mercedesstraße 50) as a contact point for people without symptoms. 

Group of people: return travelers, teachers, and educators, people with a referral from a
doctor (resident or company doctor), people whose test was ordered by
the health department, People who were warned by the Corona warning app, and people
after a corona case occurred in their facility (school/daycare)
There is no medical examination. There are 8 swab stations for drivers, cyclists, and


Appointments for a smear test can also only be made online via the following link

At Stuttgart Airport for travelers returning from risk areas (abroad). The free test (without prior registration) at the test center at the airport is only possible up to 10 days after entry. Terminal 1 West departures, daily 06: 00-23: 00 o'clock. An insurance card, boarding pass, and ID are required for the test.
Other test stations in Baden Württemberg link 

Caution: Even if the test turns out negative and you are supposed to quarantine yourself,       please do so. During the incubation period, you are still infectious with or without symptoms.


If anyone notices any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or live with one who does, the person should inform the church by calling any of these 4 Telephone numbers.

Pastor Chris Ereme   - 01711216334
Sis. Patience.             - 017277367663
Deborah Aronu.         - 017670798715
Yommy Adepitan.       - 015202716970