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Here at Body of Christ Church, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our decision-making process is informed by comprehensive Bible studies and high-quality family evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits in Christ Jesus. Learn more

March 2020 is our month of solutions; IIKing 4:40-41, 1Cor. 10:13

Due to restriction on public gatherings, we will be going live on YouTube for our Sunday service sessions till further notice. Please join us and invite your friends for other weekly online sessions. We will keep you posted when there's something new regarding our upcoming events. Thank you, stay blessed and safe. Don't hesitate to go by the preventive measures in place by local authorities and medical expertise. Your Pastor Chris Ereme

Our Event hall is up for Bookings. For Child dedication, Birthday Party and Wedding Ceremony. Please contact us today Check it out 

Happiness is a choice. It doesn't happen by accident. You decide every day whether you are going to be happy. Nothing outside of yourself can change that unless you choose for it to. Be positive about yourself and your life. Don't let issues or problems alter your happiness for that day. Treat everyday as a gift that you may not...

"Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with. In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are." - Richard Branson

Success is measured in lots of different ways, and if you're like the rest of us, you may be...

Please remeber to join the bible study every wednesday  

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