PASTOR  Chris Ereme's  Biography

Pastor Chris Ereme is a man of God, a public speaker, a prophetic teacher and a business adviser. who was born in southwestern town of Nigeria, Ibadan. God's calling upon his life and the passion for the work of God has brought him to where he is today. Other interesting thing about Chris Ereme is that he loves to inspire others to succeed in life and teache them to find out the purpose of God in their lives, either through by his own lifestyle, motivational directives or God's scriptural principles.

FAMILY- Pastor Chris Ereme is happily married with two wonderful sons and a wonderful daughter.

PROFESSION- Pastor Chris Ereme started his early life as a show-business Entertainer before he later decided to work for a reputable American fashion company in Germany. This launched him into gathering different experiences in main stream fashion industry mainly in Europe. 

EDUCATION- Pastor Chris Ereme was a student of a high school in Ibadan late 80's before he migrated to Germany in the early 90's, where he became a trained performing artist with major in dancing and acting. He's also mastered in business and finance studies.

BOCC- In the year 2000, the "Body of Christ Church" was created in Stuttgart. For Pastor Chris, the Idea to start a church was due to the strong prophetic call of God upon his life into ministry, which eventually resulted to the eagerness and zeal to relentlessly work for God through bringing and directing people to Him and his kingdom in a very simple way. 

 However, Pastor Chris Ereme rids people from the monumental ideas of religious complex, and inculcate them with the "Jesus concept" of abundant life and maintain a good  relationship with God in our real world. Today Pastor Chris Ereme is a preacher, teacher of the word of God and motivational speaker in the vineyard of God. And as he would say: "There're still unknown levels yet to be reached".

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