1. Preaching the uncompromised gospel of Christ to all people of their race, Nationality, belief, age or gender

  2. Healing the sick, restoring the brokenhearted, delivering the captives, renewing the minds of people and saving the lost.

  3. We remain a non-denominational, strictly Bible-based, international and multicultural Church of Christ

  4. Teaching the word of God with the focus on the finished work of Christ. His resurrection, his ascension, and his return

  5. Driving into our position NOW in Christ, in his present position at the right hand of God and his agenda with the focus on this dispensation.

  6. Making known to us who we are(our identity) and our present position in Christ.

  7. Equipping the next generation (youth and Children) for the challenges ahead in life and influencing their world uncompromisingly for Christ.

  8. Making disciples for the work of Christ so, there will be a continue domino effect for winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

  9. Making opportunities available for the purpose of discovering the gifts, talents, and the calling of God in the life of individuals.