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Our Mission

  • Delivering the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all races, regardless of nationality, age, or gender.

  • Healing the sick, restoring the brokenhearted, delivering the captives, renewing the minds of the people, and saving the lost.

  • We are a nondenominational, Bible-based, international church with a multicultural ministry.

  • We are dedicated to teaching God's word and focusing on the finished work of Christ.

  • By focusing on our current position in Christ and his present position at the right hand of God, we are placed in the context of his present agenda for this dispensation.

  • Making us aware of who we are (our identity) and where we stand in Christ.

  • Empowering the next generation (youth and children) for the challenges ahead in life and influencing their world uncompromisingly for Christ.

  • Making disciples for the work of Christ so, there will be a continued domino effect for winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

  • Making opportunities available for the purpose of discovering the gifts, talents, and the calling of God in the life of individuals. 

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